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Project Management

For large design and construction projects a more structured, formal and hands-on approach is necessary. This may entail the management of multidisciplinary teams of specialists to deliver an Environmental Assessment or Environmental Management Plan. Such teams may form a core part of the project team or be dispersed, providing specialist input as required. We have the project management skills and capabilities to secure the delivery of your project, adapting our approach dependent on the structure of the team and the scale, scope or stage of the project. 

Interim Management 

We have the specialist capabilities and an established track record of integrating seamlessly into a project team to deliver successful environmental outcomes whether they be multidisciplinary design and engineering or construction and delivery teams. We can form a bespoke team of specialists as required or lead an established in-house team tailoring our approach to the needs of the project.

Environmental Assessment 

Environmental Assessments varying in scale and scope and can cover a broad range of specialist environmental disciplines including noise, air quality, ecology, landscape and visual flood risk, heritage, land contamination, waste management and pollution control. Our consultants have a proven track record of leading multidisciplinary teams and bringing together a diverse set of outputs to inform the successful delivery of major infrastructure and development projects. 

Environment Management

Environmental Management Systems provide a framework for a project team to manage and mitigate the environmental impacts of its operations, meet its regulatory obligations and improve and enhance the organisation’s environmental and business performance. We have a successful track record of establishing, implementing and auditing Environmental Management Systems for our project clients. We can resource or manage the broad range of specialist environmental disciplines required to implement an environmental management plan including noise, air quality, ecology, land contamination, waste management and pollution control.

Stakeholder Management 

Wider stakeholders always take a keen interest in new and innovative projects and initiatives. These include local interest groups, regulators and members of the public. Successful communications with such stakeholders ultimately means positive outcomes for clients; this has been the case on numerous projects delivered by our consultants. For any project, the ability to communicate successfully with all internal and external stakeholders is essential; we adapt our style and approach to suit the circumstances and the audience in order to deliver successful project outcomes.

Training and Development

We consider an engaged and informed workforce is the key to a successful EMS. We also believe that the greatest benefits can be achieved with an informed leadership team. We tailor training and development needs to the requirements of a range of identified roles within your organisation, whether senior leadership or front line staff. Our experienced and qualified consultants have a wealth of knowledge with which to bring training sessions to life and we ensure that we make training as interactive as possible.