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Noise can cause significant impacts on individuals, local communities and in the workplace. The sources of noise are wide and varied and can be commercial, industrial or residential in nature.

Our consultants are qualified Corporate Members of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA) and have well established professional track records supporting planning developments, operational delivery, nuisance investigations and regulatory and enforcement cases. 

Environmental Planning & Noise

From the modelling of the environmental noise impacts of a new commercial or industrial development to the assessment of a new sensitive residential development we carry out the required surveys, monitoring, assessment and reporting to meet your requirements and support you through the planning process.  

Construction Noise 

The management of noise and vibration from construction and civil engineering projects can become highly complex and time consuming especially in built-up sensitive locations, resulting in impacts on programme and budget. Our experienced noise consultants simplify the process from start to finish. We work with your engineering teams to draft and submit Section 61 consent applications, liaise with the local authority and the local community as required. We plan, establish and implement noise and vibration monitoring strategies to suit the requirements of the project. We provide the specialist support and reassurance you need to ensure noise is properly assessed and managed from all site operations.

Commercial and Industrial Noise

Commercial and industrial sources of noise can be varied and complex in nature from processing and manufacturing operations to waste management sites. Many sites are regulated under the Environmental Permitting regime and therefore required to closely manage the noise impacts of their operations. We carry out surveys, monitoring, assessment and reporting to enable you to suitably manage and control the noise impacts of your operations. 

Noise Management Plans

Whether it be to supplement your Environmental Management System or as a requirement of your Environmental Permit conditions, we provide the appropriate practical and documented solutions to help you manage the noise impacts of your business 

Noise Nuisance 

Sometimes noise causes a nuisance to individuals and local communities. We provide impartial and professional advice to find the best solution whether affected by a nuisance, the regulator of a nuisance or potentially the cause of a nuisance. 

Noise at Work

Under the Noise at Work Regulations employers need to take action to reduce noise exposure on their workers. Our consultants will help you meet your obligations to protect your workforce. Our consultants will help you identify the risks in your place of work, assess their impacts and identify cost effective solutions to reduce the noise impacts and adverse effects on your workforce. We tailor training to meet the requirements of both your management and operational teams 

Liaison with Regulators

Local authorities and the Environment Agency regulate noise from a wide range of commercial and industrial operations. We provide the technical, legislative and practical support to ensure cost effective and productive engagement with the regulators to find mutually successful solutions.