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Air Quality

The effects of poor air quality are becoming better understood every day. Air pollution from industry and traffic, albeit reduced over recent decades, can still cause concern in local communities and the workplace. We provide a range of air quality services to suit your requirements including assessment, monitoring and management capabilities.   

Air Quality Assessment

New developments have the potential to impact on local air quality. We assess the air quality impacts of the construction and operation of your development proposal to support of the planning process.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring serves a range of functions, whether in support of the planning process to inform an air quality assessment; to help manage the construction of a new development; or to support the management of a regulated business. We develop and implement a monitoring plan to help you manage the air quality impacts of your operations and keep air quality impacts to a minimum.

Dust Monitoring 

The construction, waste management and minerals industries have the potential to give rise to increased levels of dust in the local vicinity of their sites. We devise, implement and manage a dust monitoring plan in support of your site environmental plan to ensure you have the capability to suitably manage the potential impacts of your site. 

Air Quality & Dust Management Plans

Regulated industries and the construction sector are required to manage the air quality impacts of their operations. We develop an effective Air Quality & Dust Management Plan to meet your requirements and those of the relevant stakeholders and regulators. We’ll support the implementation and ongoing management of any monitoring and control measures.

Odour Assessments and Management 

Bad smells; they arise from a range of commercial, industrial, and agricultural processes. Our consultants have a track record in the assessment and management of odours and have authored established government guidance relating to the assessment, regulation and control of odours.