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Environmental Permitting

The environmental permitting regime stipulates requirements for operators of specific sites and facilities to obtain a permit or exemption to operate. The regulators of the regime are either the Environment Agency or the local authority and they will require operators to abide by certain conditions designed to protect the environment.

Our consultants have a track record of delivering environmental permitting support to our clients operating waste facilities and industrial processes at all stages of a permit’s life, from initial application to continuing operational compliance.

Permit Applications

To operate a regulated installation or waste operation you will need to apply to the appropriate regulator to obtain a permit. We provide the technical and professional support throughout the application process to ensure you achieve a ‘duly made’ application that meets the requirements of the respective regulator.

Environmental Risk Assessment

We help you identify and assess environmental risks from your site such as noise, vibration, dust, odour, discharges and the significance of their impacts on specific receptors. We identify the management techniques needed to suitably control these risks and how this links to your environmental management system.

Environmental Management System

As a requirement of your permit you will need to implement an environmental management system that identifies the significant environmental risks from your site and documents how to minimise the risk of pollution. We have a successful track record of establishing, implementing, auditing Environmental Management Systems for our clients across a wide range of industries.  

Noise / Dust / Odour Management Plans

Your permit may require you to implement specialist control measures to manage noise, dust, or odour from your site. We assess the potential risks arising through on-site surveys and monitoring, identifying the control measures and systems to be adopted to meet the requirements of the regulator. 

Liaison with Regulators

The Environment Agency and local authorities play an active role in the permit application process and over the course of operation of your site. Having worked with local authorities and the Environment Agency over many years we support you through the regulatory process and help navigate the intricate maze of initial and ongoing regulatory requirements.