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Nuisance can be defined as the unreasonable and substantial interference with the enjoyment or use of another’s premises. There are many types of nuisance but environmental nuisance usually takes the form of noise, dust, light, odour or smoke. 

Our consultants have an established and unique track record of assessment, investigation and enforcement of numerous nuisance cases. We have seen nuisance cases from all sides - as a regulator, consultant and client. Whether you are affected by a nuisance, the regulator of nuisance cases, or potentially the cause of a nuisance; we provide impartial, technical and professional advice to find the best outcome.


Noise can cause significant impacts on individuals and local communities. The sources of noise are wide and varied and can be commercial, industrial or residential in nature.

From the assessment of noise impacts of a major construction site or industrial development to the assessment of a single item of machinery, we carry out the required surveys, monitoring, assessment and reporting to meet your requirements. Our consultants are qualified Corporate Members of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA) and have well established track records supporting noise nuisance investigations or regulatory and enforcement cases. 


Dust can arise from a range of industrial and commercial operations such as construction, waste management and mineral processes. It has the potential to impact on local air quality and affect local communities. We devise and implement individual dust management and monitoring strategies in support of your site environmental management plan to ensure you have the capability to manage the potential nuisance impacts of your site.

Lighting Assessment

Some developments have the potential to cause light nuisance to the local community. Operations such as sports facilities, car parking, and industrial / commercial developments all require outdoor lighting. We assess the impacts of the lighting systems and recommend control measures to help minimise their impacts on individuals and the local community.


Bad smells; they arise from a range of commercial, industrial, and agricultural processes. Our consultants have a track record in the assessment and management of odours and have authored established government guidance relating to the assessment and control of odours.

Liaison with the Local Authority

Local authorities have a duty to investigate complaints of statutory nuisance. They will investigate complaints from a wide range of sources – residential, commercial and industrial operations. We provide the technical and regulatory support to ensure cost effective and productive engagement with the local authority to find the right solution to the nuisance. 

Interim Management 

Given our long and established track record of nuisance investigation and enforcement we have the capabilities to integrate seamlessly into your team on an interim basis whether to provide expert support during a specific statutory nuisance investigation and enforcement case or more broadly support your in-house team