Environmental Planning and Assessment

Regardless of the scale and complexity of a proposed new development, we provide the necessary environmental assessment to support your project through the planning and development process. From the complexities of a large infrastructure project or commercial development to the installation of a single item of machinery, we tailor the scope and scale of our services to suit your needs.  

We also help you explore one-off specialist environmental initiatives, programmes or projects outside of the planning system to ensure you achieve the best and most sustainable business solution for you.

Baseline Monitoring

In order to assess the environmental impacts of a new development it is necessary to understand the current environmental conditions – the baseline. We provide the specialist baseline monitoring, surveys and reporting needed to support your planning application and inform your subsequent environmental assessments.  

Feasibility Studies / Optioneering / Sustainable Design Management

During the earliest stages of a project’s lifecycle is where the best environmental, social and economic gains can be made to ensure your project is sustainable. Decisions made at the beginning can benefit the whole design, construction and operation of a future venture. We work with your design and engineering team to identify those initiatives which will prove most beneficial to the project.

Environmental Risk Assessment

All your organisation’s activities will interact with the local community and environment to a greater or lesser extent. We help you identify and assess their significance and prioritise their management whilst also identifying opportunities on which to capitalise where they arise. 

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Certain developments of a defined scale and scope fall within the requirements of the Town and Country Planning (EIA) Regulations. They will need to be subject to a rigorous level of assessment of their significant environmental effects. We provide the technical expertise and project management capabilities to ensure your planning and assessment obligations are fulfilled. 

Environmental Appraisal 

For projects falling outside of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations a less formal but nevertheless robust assessment process may be adopted. We tailor the scale and scope of the assessment to meet the needs and requirements of the project and the planning process.

Noise Assessments

From the modelling of the environmental noise impacts of a major commercial or industrial development to the assessment of a single item of machinery, we carry out the required surveys, monitoring, assessment and reporting to meet your requirements and support you through the planning process.

Air quality

New developments have the potential to impact on local air quality. We assess the air quality impacts of the construction and operation of your development proposals in support of the planning process.

Lighting Assessment

Some developments have the potential to cause light pollution or nuisance to the local environment and community. Developments such as sports facilities, car parking, and industrial / commercial developments all require outdoor lighting. We assess the potential impacts of the lighting systems and recommend control measures to help minimise their impacts on the local community and wider environment.

CEEQUAL / Sustainability Assessment

CEEQUAL is the leading sustainability civil engineering award scheme aimed at recognising and rewarding high performing sustainable projects. Our consultants are trained CEEQUAL assessors who will help drive sustainability performance over the lifetime of your project, from initial feasibility studies throughout the design process and during construction. We guide your project to achieve its potential in terms of sustainability and the achievement of the CEEQUAL award.