Environmental Management

An environmental management system (EMS) provides a framework to help an organisation manage and mitigate the environmental impacts of its operations, meet its regulatory obligations and improve and enhance its environmental and business performance.  

We have a successful track record of establishing, implementing and auditing Environmental Management Systems for our clients. We are fully conversant with the requirements of the International Standard, ISO14001:2015 and will assist you in assessing, managing, documenting and resourcing your EMS. We recognise the environmental benefits an EMS can bring to an organisation but also the economic benefits and competitive advantage it can create.

Environmental Policy Development

As a guiding statement which outlines the organisation’s intentions and provides suitable direction to its operations, the Environmental Policy provides the best starting point for an organisation’s leadership team to implement an EMS.  

We help you understand the relevant internal and external factors affecting your organisation and the needs and expectations of relevant stakeholders. We then help you create an environmental policy which drives environmental and business performance throughout your organisation. 

Environmental Risk Assessment

The more you understand the risks and opportunities facing your organisation the better equipped you are to tackle them or capitalise on them respectively. We identify and assess the environmental risks faced by your organisation by reviewing the aspects and impacts of your activities, products and services and their significance.

Environmental legislation is wide ranging and complex. We identify legal requirements affecting your business and the risks and opportunities they pose supporting you with your ongoing compliance obligations.

Environmental Objectives

Having identified the significant aspects and impacts of your operations and your compliance obligations we work with you to establish stretching environmental objectives in line with your environmental policy and the actions needed to achieve them.

Resourcing and Training

Resources are needed for the successful implementation of your EMS; one of your key resources is your workforce. We consider an engaged and competent workforce is key to a successful EMS. However, the most significant benefits can be achieved with a committed and well informed leadership team. We tailor training and development needs to the requirements of a range of identified roles within your organisation from the top management team to your front line staff. 

Operational Controls 

The controls needed for your organisation’s operations will depend on the risks and opportunities, significant aspects and impacts and legal obligations. We help you identify and implement the appropriate controls whether it be defining activity procedures, monitoring protocols or defining specific roles and responsibilities. We provide ongoing specialist support in the control and management of your key risks.