Construction Environmental Management

Our specialised construction environmental management service is built on a successful and established track record of working in partnership with leading construction and civil engineering clients. We tailor our services to the unique requirements of each project helping you to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Project Interim Management

Our consultants have extensive experience of working as integrated members of the construction team to successfully deliver and manage the environmental requirements of the project. We adjust the level of resource to the requirements of the project, providing broad environmental management support and/or specialist environmental services, e.g. noise and air quality management. 

Environmental Management

We help you establish and implement a robust environmental management system in line with International Standard ISO 14001. We ensure your environmental risks are identified and managed and your legal obligations are met. We train and develop your workforce to improve the overall environmental performance of your project. 

Environmental Management Plans

Many projects have specialist environmental requirements due to the nature of the works or the location of the project. We devise, implement and manage these bespoke requirements and develop management plans for your project including noise & vibration, air quality & dust, waste, energy and emergency response.

Consents Management

With all construction projects there are legal requirements and other obligations to be met. These include, but are not limited to section 61 consents, groundwater permits, trade effluent consents, waste environmental permits and ecology licenses. We help you manage the complex process of consent compliance and management to deliver your project successfully.

Noise Monitoring, Assessment and Management

The management of noise and vibration from construction and civil engineering projects can become highly complex and time consuming especially in built-up sensitive locations, resulting in impacts on programme and budget. Our experienced noise consultants simplify the process from start to finish. We work with your engineering teams to draft and submit Section 61 consent applications, liaise with the local authority and the local community as required. We plan, establish and implement noise and vibration monitoring strategies to suit the requirements of the project. We provide the specialist support and reassurance you need to ensure noise is properly assessed and managed from all site operations.

Air Quality and Dust Monitoring 

Air quality and dust impacts from construction and civil engineering are increasingly in the spotlight. From a project’s inception and during the early planning stages, the risks associated with construction and demolition need to be assessed. We undertake construction dust risk assessments and develop air quality and dust management plans to ensure the necessary control measures are identified prior to works commencing. We plan, establish and implement air quality and dust monitoring strategies to suit the needs of your project. We provide the specialist support and reassurance you need to ensure air quality and dust is properly assessed and managed from site operations.

CEEQUAL and Sustainability

CEEQUAL is the leading sustainability civil engineering award scheme aimed at recognising and rewarding high performing sustainable projects. Our consultants are trained CEEQUAL assessors who will help drive sustainability performance over the lifetime of your project, from initial feasibility studies throughout the design process and during construction. We guide your project to achieve its potential in terms of sustainability and the achievement of the CEEQUAL award.